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2012 Seminar series also very successful!

More information soon on this series in association with Low Carb Downunder

2011 Seminar series hugely successful!

In Sydney he capacity audience was captivated by Nora who could have talked for days on this subject! Dr Ron Ehrlich's introduction with Dr Weston A Price's photos was fascinating,  Bruce Ward's presentation of how large herds of grazing cattle can regenerate degraded land while providing inexpensive nutrient dense food was an eye opener for the city audience and Costa's "Produce not Product" talk was hugely entertaining with a serous message. The  food by Agape Organic Restaurant was sublime! A great day!

In Armidale David  Mason-Jones showed why  grass-fed meat should be on the menu and Rob Blomfield's story about his health transformation was rivetting. 

At the Gold Coast Tony Lovell's presentation on cattle,  land regeneration and methane challenged the "cattle are bad for the environment" dogma.

We will soon have a page with stories, photos, feedback and links so please contact us if you would like to contribute. Here's an example of a happy attendee.

And see Sarah Wilson's response and Sarah's Sunday Life column

Read article about Nora and Walcha farmer's transformation in The Land

And see Rob's talk at Armidale: Part 1 and Part 2

Plus this in  Armidale Express 

Teleseminar with Nora Gedgaudas

With Graham Rees from KLR Marketing

Grahame facilitated a fabulous 90 minutes with Nora. Terry McCosker from RCS also spoke linking Nora's work back to healthy farming practices.

Play the recording or download it by registering at

See Graham on You-tube

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News and events


News and events around the country and beyond:

Farmers and Organic Food Markets 

Farmers Market Association

Allan Savory at Ted X - How properly managed grazing animals can regenerate the land and  reverse desertification and climate change. A reason to ask for grass-fed meat...

Australia Alliance for Raw Milk facebook page

Dr Ron Ehrlich - see what one of our board members has been up to. Ron co-hosts a weekly podcast “The Good Doctors”, currently ranked amongst the top health podcasts in Australia. Together The Good Doctors explore health, wellness and disease from a nutritional and environmental perspective, looking at food from soil to plate and exploring the many connections between mind and body.His podcast.

Chef Pete Evans is currently barnstorming the country with his Learn to Cook the Paleo Way tour. You will learn a lot about real food and how to prepare it.

Kitchen Gardening Classes with Mickey Robertson at her stunning garden -at Glenmore House near Camden.

Mickey says: "There is plenty of information to share .You will glean enough information

to plan a new garden, as much as learn how to care for the new season's crop and much more.  We plan a

day full of inspiration...."

Email Mickey  at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or phone 4654 5484

Open Garden to Celebrate 25 years at Glenmore House, 19 & 20 October 2013 for Open Gardens Australia



Milkwood Permaculture courses




Cheese - making classes -Coffs harbour, sydney and more...learn more about one of our valued sponsors

"In our Soft Cheese Workshop, you can learn to make: Camembert, Greek Fetta, Quark, Ricotta, Mascarpone and a Greek Style Yoghurt.

In our Advanced Cheese Workshop, you can learn to make: Cheddar, Romano, Havarti, Blue Vein, Halloumi and more...

Enjoy cheese tastings, morning tea & lunch with local wines while you learn to make cheeses with experienced Cheesemakers.


A & K Hill Green Agriculture Innovation Awards

President of Healthy Soils Australia, Tom Nicholas has received one of this years awards along with Col Seis of Pasture Cropping,  Darryl Cluff, Colin Seis, Barry Hardwick and Charlie Sexton. Well done all and to Christine Jones for initiating the awards.

Holistic Management Grazing  solution  wins Buckminster Fuller Challenge

JUNE 2, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC — Operation Hope, a solution combating one of the major causes of climate change has been named the winner of the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. At its core the winning strategy transforms parched and degraded Zimbabwe grasslands and savannahs into lush pastures with ponds and flowing streams, even during periods of drought. Operation Hope was awarded $100,000 to further develop its work at a ceremony today at the National Press Club in Washington DC.


See the movie "Food Inc"

The movie Film Inc about modern agriculture is on limited release in Australia. Featuring Eric Schlosser, who wrote the bestselling book Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan, author of "The omnivores Dilemma", and farmer icon Joel Salatin, it's a film that could change the way you look at food - or an excellent film to show to people who are unaware of how "industrial agriculture" actually works.

See the movie website to find out more


Real Milk direct from the farm   Find out about the Herdshare movement in Australia


Real Milk in Qld

Herdshare arrangement for people who live on the gold coast and Brisbane area.

If you are interested in obtaining Certified Organic Real Milk direct from the farm

contact Food Connect at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -  call 07 3216 7777 



Cooking classes and seasonal dinners by Holly Davis


Sydney Slow Food dinners at MuMu Grill steak house, Crows Nest

Phone 02 9460 6877

Here is a great steakhouse restaurant worth supporting and gourmet events if you are serious about delicious food which is sustainably produced by someone you know. Craig is a top chef who became passionate about grass fed meats when he became a father and started to seriously consider the quality of food on offer - particularly in a lot of so called good restaurants.


The MINDD Foundation 

The Mindd foundation runs workshops, lectures and seminars on paediatric disorders such as ADHD, asthma, allergies, chronic illness, learning and language delay and digestive and behavioural disorders. Contact them to find out what is on where. Find out about upcoming events on their website.


Origin of Energy Workshops    Lifestyle, movement, fitness and nutrition for healthier people and a healthy planet


Biodynamic composting workshops run regularly in and around Sydney. Gather 6 people and you can have Chris run one in your garden or contact him to find out when and where the next one is. Learn how to use Biodynamic soil Activator and make "the best compost in the world".

Contact Dr Chris Miliotis  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 0418495883

LIVING PROOF?  An appalling story of 'conventional medicine'

When New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith contracted ‘swine flu’ and was admitted into intensive care, his condition deteriorated rapidly, he contracted leukaemia and was placed on life-support. With his lungs unable to operate, and with no hope of their patient making a recovery, it was determined by his doctors that the equipment artificially sustaining Mr Smith’s life should be switched off.

Faced with the appalling prospect of losing a loving father and husband, the Smith family met with the doctors and requested that they give Alan high-dose intravenous vitamin C. The doctors refused, stating that there was no proof vitamin C did anything. The incredible story of what happened next should be broadcast far and wide across the planet to the execrable shame of the medical personnel concerned. Google this story which was on NZ 60 Minutes

Dr Ron Ehrlich from the Sydney Dental Centre has a new website -

Ron is on a mission to raise awareness about true health and how to achieve it. He will also raise awareness  about who benefits from the current dietary guidelines which have led us to record levels of obesity, diabetes and other chronic health problems. The answer is it is not the consumers who benefit!























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